A comprehensive solution for managing all of your contract carrier related transportation operations

Our FIT Transportation Management Software (TMS) automates, integrates and streamlines the contract carrier freight management process.

Its powerful rating engine allows you to manage all of your contract carriers and optimize the load tendering process. The solution consolidates deliveries, assigns carriers, ships, tracks, and audits freight invoices in a seamless and streamlined process with minimal human intervention.

Highly adaptable and customizable, our TMS can perform in all environments regardless of size or industry. Select the functionalities and integration method that best suits your needs to achieve the optimal solution at the optimal price.


Shipment planning workbench
Powerful rating engine – shop rate print labels and track
Supplier driven delivery appointment scheduling
Automated spot quoting and load tendering
API Integration / EDI / e-commerce
Shipment tracking and electronic proof of deliveries
Automated freight invoice auditing
Intermodal and air freight management
Customizable KPI and reporting


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